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Global Environmental Movement

It is your duty and honor - to keep clean your home - your planet
Clear the planet. Stop polluting the planet. We help, train, share experience.

Help Us

Help Us


If you were to visit this place where I am trying to solve the problem of pollution of the planet, you would share my enthusiasm. 
You would become my ardent supporters and assistants.
To do this, you just need to walk along the sea and observe how much plastic is burned.
Right now.
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You can buy the historical banners.
You can be first person who want one of them.. And single who will have it.

if you want, message me - Pavel Boloyangov

It is our duty, honor and responsibility as humans, 
to leave a clean environment for our descendants.
We should be living in harmony with our planet.
Breathing clean air, swimming in clean oceans, 
drinking pure water and eating organic foods.
Myself and a small group did an incredible job removing waste from beaches, 
but the result was minimal.  
Compared to the magnitude of the disaster and the changes I would like to make.
Unfortunately, money is required to succeed with these tasks,
 in order for a greater result.
Seeing our success, people have been motivated to join us and make a change.
They ask me to visit them in their country, 
their region and organize the process.
However the majority are able to volunteer in person, 
but funds are still limited.
Expenses are high, particularly when travel is required
to expose and discuss these problems with officials.  
Additional costs include creating a website, shooting / editing 
videos and paying the media to publish materials about criminal behaviors.
We even have to encourage officers (providing financial aid) 
to fine violators of the law, to prohibit incineration of rubbish.
As well as the above, we provide food and shelter for volunteers, 
who help to clean the planet and minimize the abuse and burning of plastic.
This entire process requires maximum time, effort and a lot of patience.
Corruption, lies, deceit, greed, shamelessness;  
these are the problems we are facing during our fight to make India cleaner.
Each state is allocated money to maintain the cleaniness of their land.  
The local government determines the contracts to keep villages clean.  
However this money is not distributed genuinely and is often stolen.
This results in unclean areas, excess piles of rubbish everywhere and locals burning garbage.
The ash remains in piles around the towns and eventually is washed into the sea, 
polluting our water and sealife.
Sadly, no one is being punished for any of these crimes.
But we must protect the environment from all of this unacceptable behavior.
If we don't make a change, who will?
Many of you have no time to do this, but you can help me 
financially and my work will bring much greater results.
Together we win!