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Foreign nationals get together to clean Arambol cliffside beach and sweet lake during lockdown

Several foreign nationals who live around Arambol frequent the beach and sweet water lake. But over the last few years, due to over-tourism, the area was getting polluted. Pavel Boloyangov, from Russia, who runs the Cleanup Around You movement, along with his friends, and others from around Arambol decided to clean up the area from May 3 to May 12. Talking about the Clean Sweet Lake project that began in 2019, he says, "It was only possible to collect garbage from the cliffside and take it to the main beach by boat. The garbage was a mix of wood, broken toilet bowls, sinks, pipes, plastic cups, straws, bags, broken glass and organic waste, which was continuously being dumped by restuarants and guesthouses. The second nuisance was burning of garbage, including plastic, which was causing a havoc to nature."

He posted about the cleanup drives on various social media platforms and got volunteers, who collected garbage and filled the bags provided by the local panchayat. "The panchayat provided us with garbage bags and gloves. Over 50 volunteers from different countries, including India helped in this. It was 10 days of hard work," he says. He's also working on another project of feeding strat cows, by collecting leftovers from people around, including restuarants, guesthouses and tourists. He's put bins with cows painted on it, so people can put in food for strays in there.