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Global Environmental Movement

It is your duty and honor - to keep clean your home - your planet
Clear the planet. Stop polluting the planet. We help, train, share experience.

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If you like what we do, help us be more effective.
We have many plans.
The purity of the planet, peace and love on it are in your hands.
You can also participate in the purification and prevention of pollution of the planet.
Repost and our publication will see a resource person,
  Tell the journalist about our activities.
Ask your rich relative or acquaintance to become a sponsor of our project.  Report on our work to caring, good people in the government of your country.
Or fill out the form and become one of us.
Take action.

Action plan
Our recommendations to activists to stop
 the poisoning of the planet in each specific place.
1. Engage with local activists.
2. Organize a headquarters with a gallery of educational banners.
3. Conduct outreach everywhere.
Individual and in groups.
4. Find supporters, volunteers.
5. Interact with local authorities and with federal authorities.  
Write letters.  
Appeals.  Send petitions.
5. Implement projects:
A) Clean place.  (It’s clean, a poster and a trash can)
B) Clean street (required with posters and collection points)
C) A bucket for cows in each guesthouse.  
(A volunteer should take away organic matter to cows in the morning and evening, if they are not there.)
E) The place of feeding the cows is a beautiful trough or bucket with cows painted on it ..
This begins the culture of separate waste collection.
E) Separate collection points.
(Enough capacity for organics and boxes for the rest of the garbage)
Of course, make sure that there is order.
G) Every guesthouse has a tourist guide.
Memo to the tourist.  (Must open when you click on it)
Protect yourself from sunburn.
Especially in the early days.
Use a sunscreen, it must be rubbed, and not applied.
From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. do not sunbathe, but quickly swim in the shade.
Separate the trash.
1. Organic garbage.
2. Glass, plastic bottles, metal.
3. Packaging, bags and so on.
4. Used batteries.
Ask the hotel owner where to put it.
Offer organic litter to the cows.
They will eat with pleasure.
If the owner of the hotel offers to throw the used batteries into the bin – he offers to commit a crime
call the police immediately.
6) Organize boxes for collecting batteries in prominent places in stores.
7) Be sure to interact with the media.
8) Interact with us.  We help all our like-minded people.
  We can come as a team and quickly solve the problem of pollution of the planet in a separate area.
We have a lot of experience, strength and desire.
Texts for posters:

This street is clean.
There are public bins.

This street is clean.
Don’t throw garbage.
There are public bins.
Separate, please.

Dear fellow villagers and guests of (your village),
Keep it clean, please.
Separate waste, please.
For the prosperity of our (your country)!
With care for you,
Panchayat (authorities)

(Your village) is our common home
Do not allow to litter in it.
Keep it clean for you, for your children and for the prosperity of (your country)!
Caring for you
Panchayat (authorities)

We love (country).
We keep it clean.
And you?

Burning garbage – few tourists.
Garbage recycling – many tourists.
What is better for you and your country?

Facts Everybody Must Know
Burning plastic produces harmful substances that cause cancer.
Thoroughly remove plastic prior to burning the leaves.
Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.
With care for you.
V. P. Arambol (your village)
But remember:
Even burning  leaves is illegal as per court in India.

Separate the plastic before burning the leaves.
Burning Plastic is Poison!

Burning plastic is a crime.
A crime against nature, tourism and country

against your health and your children.
If you see plastic burning shoot video
and go to panchat  or call the police.
Fine for burning plastic is 10,000 Rps.

Do not mix trash.
Offer organic garbage to cows, they will eat it with pleasure.